~Seekers Dress Code~



Warm Greetings...
Seekers Of Yahweh Ministries would like to help you feel welcomed and comfortable here at the Assembly.
This Assembly is here for us to gather in Yahweh's name and worship Him. In our effort to esteem Yahweh, and make all comfortable here, we implemented a dress code so our focus can be on Yahweh and His word.
Please read and honor this for everyones comfort. 
We feel strongly enough about the dress code that we would have to approach someone who was not honoring it and that would make both parties uncomfortable.
So help us all avoid such a situation.
Thank you very much & Shalom!
1. No low cut shirts / tank tops
2. No tight pants of any kind.  (Of denim or any other materials)
3. No exposed leggings.
4. No shorts or sweat pants.
5. Men please dress becomingly.
No muscle shirts
6. Women please dress modestly.
7. If women are going to wear pants, please be sure to wear a long throw also, as to fully cover yourself. Dresses must go well below knees.
8. In short, no revealing clothing at any time please.
For your convenience we have provided long throws, they are available near the front door.