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(If you are sick please do not attend)


Seekers of Yahweh Ministries will be in Guilbert, Az. Aug.28th & 29th. Elder Teddy Wilson will be answering 10 questions presented by an athiest as well as conducting a powerpoint teaching on how to refute the arguments of an Athiest. This was supposed to be a live debate, but the Athiest that was to be in the debate has bowed out due to the said virus. The information for this event is posted below. Also, if anyone is in need of baptism in Yahshua's Name while we are there, please contact us. Shalom & Blesings!



Hyatt Place

'Meeting-Confrence room'


Address: 3275 S. Market St. Guilbert, Az.

Date: Saturday Aug.29th 2020

Time: Noon until 5pm


(For more info. contact us below.)


email: seekersofyahweh@outlook.com

phone: 208-553-8393