Leading the sheep of our Mighty Elohim to graze in green pastures!


Foundation by prophets and apostles, walls by Yahshua, covering by Yahweh, now we are His Dwelling Place!

         "We Are A Sacred Name Ministry"


 Seekers of Yahweh Ministries is a non-profit organization, that provides outreach to all believers searching for Scriptural Truth.  Teddy Wilson is the founding Elder and Director of Seekers of Yahweh. We offer guidance, study material, and DvD teachings. The teachings are available not only here on the site, but also on our You-Tube channel. Just go there and type "Seekers of Yahweh" into the search engine. All recorded teachings are made available in the form of DvD's here on the web-site. Go to the videos for details.


  We follow and teach Yahweh's Ways and life style in the Hebrew Roots / Messianic Faith, which includes Commanded Feasts and the Seventh Day Sabbath. This Ministry has also been called to proclaim the Sacred Names of the Father & Son "Yahweh & Yahshua", and to show their importance to all who Believe. We send forth the message of Torah (Yahweh's Instruction) to those who are being called. One of the most important keys in Teddy's teachings is to introduce Torah from the standpoint of Biblical Hebrew (please see "Tools For Study" videos). In so doing, it is his hope to share this form of research with all serious studiers of Scripture, that propper understanding can be reached by all who wish to seek truth. May our Father in heaven bless you in all wisdom and understanding according to "This Faith Once Delivered To The Saints".


~Teddy's Ministry Goal~