The following is a list of Scriptural Studies written by Teddy Wilson. If you wish to order any of the studies below, you may call at (208-553-8393). We are on Pacific Time. Or, you may go to the "Home" page and click on the "contact form" to start your order. All are free of charge. You may order and have them sent by mail, or you may choose to have us send them as an attachment to your email so that you can download or save them. Please order 3 at a time. Yahweh bless all of you in Messiah Yahshua!



1. "Us & Our / Word & Spirit"


2. "Jacob Blesses"


3. "Joseph & Yahshua"


4. "Jacobs Ladder / The Gateway"


5. "Flask For Credit"


6. "Joseph's Coat"


7. "Inheritance of Esaw"


8. "Two Things Yahweh Hates"


9. "New Beginning / The Manger"


10. "Sacrifice / Atonement"


11. "Noah and Yahweh's Name"


12. "Teaching of Sukkot"


13. "Where Is Our Inheritance"?


14. "The Curse of The Law"?


15. "The Secret or Hidden Things"