"Malkitzedek Passover 2018" 

(Please Note: We are a Sacred Name Ministry)


Greetings to all of you in Yahshua's Mighty Name! We will be hosting The Malkitzedek Passover 2018 here in Craigmont. The address is just to the right of your screen in the 'contact us' forum. We have sceduled the following days for this Feast of Yahweh but they may change by a day depending on the sighting of the moon...(March 31st Ereb Yahshua's Memorial & April 1st Ereb Passover...U.B. April 2nd - 8th) is the projected dates which is usually very accurate. The festivities will begin at 6:00 pm in the Sanctuary, though the study hall will be opened at all times on those days. You are welcome to come up to stay in one of the Motels below or camp out if weather permits. Also, please note that we will be conducting immersions in YAHSHUA'S Name for those needing this blessing. Please call if you are thinking of joining us prior to booking.


 Teddy will also be conducting Power Point teachings during the Feast. We will have fellowship, song, love, joy, and study of the Hebrew Language . Once again, the Seekers Study Hall will be open for Bible fellowship at all times.


If you plan on making the trip, no matter how big your family may be, it only requires a $100.00 donation for the food which includes breakfast & dinner during your visit. If you are plugged into electric or water, we ask that you leave a donation for that as well. Below you will find the link provided to book now and send the donation on line if you have called us for inquiry . To book & secure your spot, you must send the required donation. We will then send you confirmation via email that you are listed to attend. Also, it can get very cold at night so bring warm clothing.


Please include the number of people you intend on bringing, as well as special dietary needs such as gluten free etc. For more info on booking call 208-553-8393 / email seekersofyahweh@outlook.com  .


Here are 2 phone numbers to local Motels in the area. 

{Rodonna's Village Motel / Cottonwood, Id. ~ 208-962-3391}

{Super 8 / Grangeville, Id. ~ 208- 983-1002}


Rules:  NO DRINKING ALLOWED, and if that rule is broken you will be asked  to leave. There will be wine served by Seekers of Yahweh during the ceremonies, in which there is a 2 glass limit at meal time. A DRESS CODE will be enforced. Please click here to see dress code www.yahwehsmessenger.com/our-dress-code/  . NO SMOKING ON ANY OF THE PROPERTIES. PETS: No pets are allowed in the buildings at any time. If you bring a pet, you must pick it up as they put it down please, that nothing is tracked around the property or into the Assembly. They are to be leashed at all times while outside or kept inside your staying place. The pet must also be leasehed as you walk them.


  Do to many bad reports of things that have taken place at other gatherings during Yah's Feasts, we here at Seekers of Yahweh want to make it very clear that the following topics for discussion will not be focused on, and if it is your intent to bring these topics (listed below) that are creating division istead of studying with us, please find another venue....we plan to study Yahweh's Word & His Language. If anyone starts an argument or causes ANY type of division which dishonors Yahweh's Appointed Time, you will be asked to leave. We have children here & young adults who are learning and certainly do not want them effected by any of the such. We aim to show the truth seekers a very blessed time, one of peace in our Father's Shalom!









Link for booking / donations: