"CD & Mp3 Teachings Available"

The CD program is now available! You may order 2 of your favorite free of charge from the list below. However, if you wish to order 5 or more there is a donation fee. Please contact us at 208-553-8393 to order, or you may also chose to contact us by email yahweh-613@hotmail.com . All of these are available on Mp3 as well. If you wish to down load them, contact us for details. We are on Pacific time & we only ship within the USA.





Who Is Yahshua?


What Torah Is & Is Not


Tongues of Fire?


The Letter Killeth?


Malkitzedek Overview


Exploring The Malkitzedek #1 (Mp3 only)


Hebrew Gospel vs. Christian Gospel


Guarding The Word


The Two Priesthoods




Defining Hell


Engrafted & Grafting


YWHW vs. Ahayah


Hidden Treasure ~ Dabar


Jhn. 3:16


Are Nephilim Giants?


Saviors Name Uncovered


Ten Commandments





Torah Week 1 / CD & Mp3


Torah Week 2 / CD & Mp3


Torah Week 3 / Mp3


Torah Week 4 / CD & Mp3


Torah Week 5 / CD & Mp3


Torah Week 6 / CD & Mp3